Black Sabbath Removes Bill Ward From Website – Sick PR Stunt?

The current members of Black Sabbath, as it turns out, are horrible human beings, or it at least appears that way. Why is that, you ask? As of today (May 18), original drummer Bill Ward has been removed from the official website photos on the main page.

Can it be true that Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer are that uncool and disrespectful toward a founding member? Or is this Bill Ward drama a huge PR stunt? Imagine if Ward shows up performing behind the drum kit at tomorrow night’s Black Sabbath show in Birmingham in the O2 Academy. I won’t be surprised, not me.

Because I don’t want to fall for this anymore. I refuse to accept that the architects of heavy metal would sink to this low. It has got to be for publicity. Right? I mean, how could they? Overall, this is bad for hard music.

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