Review – Mercury Tide “Killing Saw” [2012]

Former Angel Dust frontman Dirk Thurisch returns with Mercury Tide, a powerful progressive-edged metal project. The band’s new album Killing Saw in many ways is a German melodic metal masterpiece.

Thurisch’s voice has never sounded better on cuts like “Home” and the soulful “World of Pain,” where he summons the spirit of Ronnie James Dio.

He offers infectious vocal lines on the title track and the diesel-charged “Searching” that stick to your skull like charred cotton candy.

“Out of the Darkness” is another strong track due to Thurisch’s cutting guitars and harmonies. There is a great classic NWOBHM feel on “Lord of Memories” while “Satan Sister” is a flat-out lyrical blast.

The simplistic keyboard lines by Sim Reaper on “Killing Saw” demonstrate that less truly is more when it comes to rock ‘n’ roll. Carsten Rehmann provides diligent drumming and production, while bassist Chris “Dagger” Pohlmann consistently lays down the law.

As a melodic metal release, Killing Saw has everything that you could ask for: groove heavy guitars and catchy melodies while invoking unrestrained emotions. Dirk Thurisch is back and he’s better than ever.

Look for Killing Saw on May 25 in Europe on Limited Access Records.

Killing Saw on in the USA (starting July 10)

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