Metallica – Orion Music + More Festival “Ride The Lightning” Performance

In case you didn’t know, Metallica is performing Ride The Lightning in full at Bader Field in Atlantic City right this second and you can stream the set live from your lame ass computer.

There are tons of people that showed up to the Orion Music + More Festival in dirty southern New Jersey. The sea of thousands of people in attendance almost resemble a European style heavy metal festival, so you have to hand it to Metallica for putting together something this big.

Metallica has been blazing through classics such as “Four Horseman,” “Master of Puppets,” and “Hit The Lights” in addition to the Lightning stuff.

The band members look like they are having an awesome time. It is reminiscent of their Woodstock ’99 performance in that respect.

During the performance YouTube users (over 13,000 watching) have been commenting live on the set. Some users are having fun guessing the next song and cheering on Kirk Hammett’s guitar solos. Others are having fun by pointing out the flaws such as James Hetfield’s voice cracking and the incorrectly perceived poor quality of the stream itself.

One commenter was completely out of line. “USA Sucks,” commented @PolifufackaZa during “To Hell and Back.” This user is from Russia. Keep on fighting that Cold War buddy, it’s only been over for 21 years now.

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