Kiss’ “Hell or Hallelujah” Fueled with High Octane 80’s Power

KISS is releasing “Hell or Hallelujah,” the first single from Monster on July 3. From what I have heard of the track so far in previews, this one is a high energy classic befitting of 1980’s Kiss. With demonically driven guitar riffs and a gang style vocal refrain, “Hell or Hallelujah” will be just what Revenge fans have been waiting for.

You can talk all the trash you want about Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer in Ace and Peter makeup, but the fact of the matter is that they are awesome musicians. In all honesty, I think Thayer has it more together than the original Spaceman at this time.

Monster comes out in October and I can’t wait for release day. I am going in with reasonable expectations as should any reasonable fan. Most likely looking at a 3-star album. Anything more than that is welcomed bonus mileage, anything less, a huge embarrassing failure.

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