Top 10 Guitar Albums of All Time (Solo Edition)

Calling all guitar geeks and virtuosic posers; gather ’round for the Gears of Rock’s Top 10 Greatest Guitar Albums of All Time.  Here are amazing talents producing mind-blowing guitar records, all of which feature a hard rocking edge combined with soulful playing. Most importantly, you will find very few vocal tracks on these discs. Instead it’s the guitars that do the screaming, screeching, and leading.

1.  Steve Vai Passion and Warfare (1990)

2.  Joe Satriani Surfing with the Alien (1987)

3.  Jason Becker – Perpetual Burn (1988)

4.  Marty Friedman – Dragon’s Kiss (1988)

5.  Paul Gilbert – Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar (2008)

6.  Vinnie Moore – Mind’s Eye (1986)

7.  Greg Howe – Greg Howe (1988)

8.  Tony MacAlpine – Edge of Insanity (1986)

9.  Liquid Tension Experiment – Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)

10.  John 5 – The Devil Knows My Name (2007)

Those are the best guitar virtuoso albums in my collection. I tried to keep it real by restricting albums containing a prominent vocalist. That’s why you might see some big names missing here. Whatevs.

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