Deftones “Koi No Yokan” Free Album Stream Now – Best Record Since “White Pony”

This is an awesome week for new hard rock releases with the new Soundgarden and Deftones albums dropping tomorrow. The new Deftones tracks on Koi No Yokan are currently streaming for free at AOL Full CD Listening Party starting right now.

From what we have heard so far, this new disc contains the band’s heaviest and most melodic material to date. If you are obsessed with classic Deftones’ songs such as “Change,” “Be Quiet and Drive,” “Digital Bath,” and “Minerva” then you are in for a hell of a treat.

The album opens up with a gem known as “Swerve City” – which features some of the band’s illest grooves – followed by another great track “Romantic Dreams” and the blistering first single “Leathers.”

Koi No Yokan is a very disciplined and mature effort from the Deftones. The album has a feel most similar to 2000’s White Pony. Can this disc top that? …eh, quite possibly. I am already building a strong case for it. Did I mention how sick the melodies are on this record (see “Entombed,” “Rosemary”)?

You can listen to all of the tracks in their entirety here now for free. The Full CD Listening Party on AOL is only available for the week so head on over ASAP. Then go to iTunes or Amazon MP3 starting Nov. 13 to download.

You can expect to see this record on the Gears of Rock’s Top 10 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums of 2012 list.

Koi No Yokan Track Listing:

“Swerve City“
“Romantic Dreams“
“Graphic Nature“
“Goon Squad“
“What Happened To You?”

I hope this isn’t coming off like a giddy teen for One Direction (also have new album Take Me Home streaming free at AOL), but this is the most excited that I have been about the Deftones in over 12 years!

Koi No Yokan will be spinning in my car stereo for years to come; it’s an amazing album beginning to end. If time permits – and it won’t – I will provide a more detailed album review.

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