Metallica vs. Pantera: The Stupid Idiot Debate

First there were the pioneering Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 and then the Great Debate of Shapley-Curtis in 1920 at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Today, we have the Stupid Idiot Debate featuring moronic music snobs. The topic: Metallica or Pantera?

If you have ever found yourself initiating this sort of prattle (“hey bro, San Francisco thrash blows), or found yourself on the defensive (“no man, don’t you dare say that about my band”), then I pray for your soul.

People that can’t find the awesomeness in both of these landmark groups have no right to speak about hard rock or heavy metal nor think of themselves as true metalheads, or even decent human beings.

This thought of the day has been brought to you by my sphincter.

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