Drowning Pool “Resilience” Full Album Stream, 5th Studio Record Track Listing & Cover Art

Drowning Pool will release its fifth studio album Resilience tomorrow. This is the band’s first record to feature the lead vocals of Jasen Moreno. The album is streaming here now.

Drowning Pool “Resilience” Cover Art – This is the band’s fifth studio album.

Track Listing:
1. “Anytime Anyplace”
2. “Die for Nothing”
3. “One Finger and a Fist”
4. “Digging These Holes”
5. “Saturday Night”
6. “Low Crawl”
7. “Life of Misery”
8. “Broken Again”
9. “Understand”
10. “Bleed with You”
11. “Skip to the End”
12. “In Memory Of…”
13. “Blindfold”

Music Video for the single “One Finger and a Fist”

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