Download Free Heavy Metal Music Always – Legal and Illegal Scum Methods

This post is all about how to download awesome heavy metal music for free.

Stealing music is free, fun, and victimless…right?

When it comes to music in the Internet age, people do not like to pay for it. We like to download it for free whether we are hurting the artists or not. We even justify stealing the music off YouTube and Torrent sites as the Internet has turned us into horrible people. Because we can get away with this crime so easily and we cannot see the harm that we are doing to the artists and industry, we steal without mercy. I have two questions for you: 1. How do you look yourself in the mirror every day and still feel good about yourself? 2. How do you rest at night, knowing you are a criminal? Well, the truth is that you don’t think what you are doing is wrong.

Be only the music fan that you can afford to be

You need to lose your mentality that you are doing no harm. Downloading music illegally is not a victimless crime. Creating music takes time and uses up productive economic resources. Bands pour lots of money into their equipment so the least we can do is compensate them for their hard work. If you have the money to buy music, then buy it. If you do not have the money to buy music, then adjust your musical tastes so that you download music free and legally.

Find your favorite bands and discover the future

Let’s discuss how not to be a degenerate of society but still download music for free. There are many websites that allow for free downloads of thousands of legit bands. Some bands we know of quite well, and others we do not. You can discover many amazing bands on these sites and also find songs from your favorite rock and metal bands.

List of sites that offer free hard rock and heavy metal music for download

Free Metal Albums – Free metal album downloads – Free hard rock & metal albums – Free hard rock & metal songs – Free metal music downloads – Free hard rock music downloads – Free thrash metal downloads – Free death metal downloads

Artist Direct – Free downloads

Free Music Archive – Free metal downloads – Free metal music downloads

These sites feature free and legal downloads of legit heavy metal artists. If this type of thing doesn’t work for you and you prefer downloading music illegally, then continue in your old sleazy ways. Here are some key sites that offer illegal downloads that are harmful to the artists and violate copyright laws. Gears of Rock does not support any of the methods below.

List of sites that offer illegal downloads of heavy metal music

The Pirate Bay – Free heavy metal torrents to download of every band that you could imagine – Free heavy metal downloads – Download rock and metal music for free – Free heavy metal torrents to download – Free heavy metal torrents

There you have it folks. You can either be a good human being and download free music legally and safely, or you can download music illegally with the risky P2P sites that may or may not put a lot of bad stuff on your computer. Remember, downloading copyrighted material is against the law, unless the copyright holder grants you permission. Cheers!

Disclaimer: Gears of Rock does not endorse, condone, or recommend downloading music illegally.

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