#100. Disturbed / Best Bands of All-Time / Top 100

Disturbed is ranked the #100 greatest band of all-time in the realm of hard rock and heavy metal. Featuring fist-pumping anthems that get juice heads amped up in steroid-raging tizzies before afternoon workouts, Disturbed has consistently dropped #1 albums since their sophomore effort “Believe” (2002). Their most successful songs to date are “Inside the Fire,” “Indestructible,” “Prayer,” “Stricken,” “Another Way to Die,” and “Down with the Sickness.”

Best Song: “Prayer” (2002)

Best Album: “Indestructible” (2008)

Best Member: David Draiman – Vocals

Best Tour: Indestructible Tour 2008/2009


Top 100 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time

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