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The #98 greatest hard rock band of all-time is the brilliant and underrated King’s X, a power trio featuring the greatly talented dUg Pinnick on vocals and bass, Ty Tabor on guitars and vocals, and Jerry Gaskill on drums and vocals. Songs that best highlight the band’s diverse sound are “Summerland,” “Black Flag,” “Over My Head,” “It’s Love,” “Dogman,” “King,” and “Groove Machine.” None of these songs were chart-topping singles although Pinnick wouldn’t mind having at least one monstrous hit before calling it quits: “I want to write a song that that deems us number one, a great song for that moment at least once.” If The Beatles were a hard rock band, their compositions would sound a lot like King’s X. My guitar teacher turned me on to them in the ’90s after a homework assignment. He said, “Get King’s X.” I asked him which album to buy. “Anything!”

Best Song: “Over My Head” (1989)

Best Album: “Gretchen Goes to Nebraska” (1989)

Best Member: Doug Pinnick – Vocals/Bass

Best Tour: Gretchen Goes to Nebraska Tour 1989

Best Guitar Riff: “Dogman” (1994)

Best Guitar Solo: “Summerland” (1989)


Top 100 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time – 2013 Edition

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  1. I can think if a few songs that should be tied with the Best “___” of King’s X. As your teacher correctly said: ANYTHING…. This is a must see band for any rock music lover and musician of any type of music. Check them out…they tour the club circuit to most major cities and Europe.

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