#93. Mr. Big / Best Bands of All-Time / Top 100

Clocking in at #93 on the Gears of Rock Top 100 is Mr.Big. This highly underrated hard rock band has no shortage of musical talent between guitarist Paul Gilbert (Racer X) and bassist Billy Sheehan. Most people remember Mr. Big from their MTV hit ballad “To Be with You” and successful cover of Cat Stevens’ “Wild World.” But this band rocks a lot harder than their early ’90s ballads. Just ask the Japanese. Like David Hasselhoff in Germany, Mr. Big is huge in Japan. Unfortunately, they couldn’t time the American market quite as well with the Nirvana thing happening. Other great songs by Mr. Big are “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind,” “Undertow,” “Alive and Kicking,” and “Addicted to that Rush.”

Best Song: “Addicted to that Rush” (1989)

Best Album: “Lean Into It” (1991)

Best Tour: Lean Into It Tour 1991/1992

Most Valuable Band Member: Paul Gilbert – Guitars

Fun Fact: Richie Kotzen replaced Paul Gilbert between 1999 and 2002


Top 100 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time – 2013 Edition


  1. Another good entry! I saw Mr. Big twice with Rush. And I agree that they’re underrated. Paul Gilbert brought a real sense of fun to the band, too. And that’s exactly what I didn’t see in bands like Nirvana.

    I really enjoy the Top 100 list entries. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks man, I am glad you are liking the list. Paul Gilbert is an amazing guitarist, love his Racer X stuff. No one seems to have as much fun playing live as him. I agree with you on the Nirvana front. Kurt Cobain took the fun out of rock music during the ’90s, thankfully it’s started to make a comeback.

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