Top 10 Most Overrated Hard Rock Bands of All-Time

Gather around now for the Gears of Rock’s Top 10 Most Overrated Bands in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Don’t get me wrong. I downright love many of these bands and will remain loyal to them to the very end. But I am man enough to admit that some of my  favorite groups are really not that wonderful. They are not as amazing as the fans, critics, Recording Academy, or even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame may suggest. Here are ten overrated rock bands for your reading displeasure:

#1.  Kiss

#2.  Nirvana

#3.  Sex Pistols

#4.  Bon Jovi

#5.  Linkin Park

#6.  Nickelback

#7.  Poison

#8.  Limp Bizkit

#9.  Slipknot

#10.  Motley Crue

The bands above represent the most overrated hard rock and heavy metal bands of all-time, and include associated punk, glam, nu-metal, and modern rock acts. Although we think rock sub-genres are stupid, this clarification was necessary.

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