Screaming Eagles “From The Flames” Review

There is a killer new hard rock band out of Northern Ireland that you all need to know about. They are the Screaming Eagles and they recently released their mighty debut album, “From the Flames,” featuring an ideal assortment of 10 tracks at just over 38 minutes.

Since 2012, the band has been turning many heads and are currently featured in Classic Rock Magazine. The bottom line: If you love AC/DC then you will love Screaming Eagles.

“From the Flames” is a no-nonsense thrill ride that will leave you craving more. If you take the goofiness out of Airbourne, replace it with early Ted Nugent, add in a smidgen of George Thorogood, and top it off with a splash of Soundgarden, you get Screaming Eagles.

“From the Flames” features powerful vocals from Chris Fry, tons of catchy riffs and grooves, and excellent lead guitar work from Adrian McAleenan. Standout songs on the album include the anthem “Rock N Roll Soul,” the blues-infused “Vampire,” and the adrenaline boosting “All The Way.”

You will definitely hear more from this band in the future. In the meantime, get “From the Flames” now!

Screaming Eagles From The Flames

Track Listing: 1. All The Way, 2. Down The River, 3. Hungry For More, 4. Fight The Fire, 5. Vampire, 6. Devil In The Dust, 7. Rock N Roll Soul, 8. One Man Revolution, 9. Blood, 10. Take My Time

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