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Top 10 Best AC/DC Albums of All-Time

AC/DC is one of the greatest, if not the greatest of the, all-time hard rock bands. They have an incredible catalog that stretches back to 1975 and continues to grow to this day with a new album expected in 2014. Here are the top 10 greatest AC/DC albums of all-time, according to the Gears of Rock:

#1.  “Back in Black” (1980)

#2.  “High Voltage” (1976)

#3.  “Powerage” (1978)

#4.  “Highway to Hell” (1979)

#5.  “Let There Be Rock” (1977)

#6.  “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (1976)

#7.  “The Razors Edge” (1990)

#8.  “Flick of the Switch” (1983)

#9.  “Black Ice” (2008)

#10.  “For Those About to Rock We Salute You” (1981)

AC/DC is featured on the Gears of Rock’s Top 100 Hard Rock Bands of All-Time Countdown.

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Top 10 Bands A to Z / Letter “C” Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands

The alphabetical edition of the Top 10 Greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands listing continues today with the letter “C.” Here are the 10 best bands that begin with C:

#1.  Cinderella

#2.  Corrosion of Conformity

#3.  Cacophony

#4.  Cannibal Corpse

#5.  Coheed and Cambria

#6.  Children of Bodom

#7.  Chevelle

#8.  Coal Chamber

#9.  Celtic Frost

#10.  Cradle of Filth

Note: Alice Cooper is on the “A” listing

Top 10 Greatest Extreme Songs of All-Time

Gears of Rock presents the best songs by the Boston hard rock band Extreme. Here are the Top 10 Extreme songs:

#1.  “Play with Me”

#2.  “He-Man Woman Hater”

#3.  “Get the Funk Out”

#4.  “Run”

#5.  “Mutha (Don’t Want to Go to School Today)”

#6.  “Decadence Dance”

#7.  “Kid Ego”

8.  “Pornograffitti”

9.  “Comfortably Dumb”

10.  “Rest in Peace”

The ballads “More than Words” and Hole Hearted” are great songs too, however we wanted to focus on the best hard rocking Extreme songs.

Top 10 Best Nickelback Songs of All-Time

Here are the Top 10 greatest songs by the hard rock band Nickelback, according to the Gears of Rock:

#1.  “Burn it to the Ground”

#2.  “Side of a Bullet”

#3.  “Something in Your Mouth”

#4.  “Animals”

#5.  “How You Remind Me”

#6.  “Rockstar”

#7.  “Bottoms Up”

#8.  “Photograph”

#9.  “Someday”

#10.  “This Means War”

Nickelback is ranked #83 on the Gears of Rock’s Top 100 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Band of All-Time Countdown.

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Top 10 Bands A to Z / Letter “A” Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands

In this series of posts, the Gears of Rock is counting down the 10 greatest hard rock and heavy metal bands by letter of the alphabet. We call this Top 10 Bands A to Z. Here are the 10 most spectacular bands that begin with the letter A:

#1.  AC/DC

#2.  Aerosmith

#3.  Anthrax

#4.  Alice Cooper

#5.  Alice in Chains

#6.  Accept

#7.  Avenged Sevenfold

#8.  Armored Saint

#9.  Audioslave

#10.  Amon Amarth

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Halestorm powers up more classic tracks on “ReAniMate 2.0” – Lzzy Hale’s voice conquers all

My favorite album of the week is the new covers EP from Halestorm called “ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP.” I have been a longtime fan of this band’s re-creations since hearing their rendition of Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind,” which might be the best cover of all time. On the band’s second covers EP, Lzzy Hale and company offer punishing renditions of Marilyn Manson’s “1996” and Judas Priest’s “Dissident Aggressor.” The best track on the record is the cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman,” as that tune carries such a spectacular melody on its own and the band’s performance is great. You can call Halestorm a sissy candy rock band all you want, but Lzzy Hale is the most powerful female vocalist in all of music today – possibly the greatest overall young vocalist. The band also gets bonus points for streaming the album on their official YouTube page @halestormrocks.

Bought Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt” today – Why music stores are dead

On Tuesday, Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt” struck the streets. I hesitated to download it on Tuesday from iTunes or Amazon because I really wanted to own the physical CD. After a busy work week, I was forced to wait until today to get to the stores to finally buy the album. Strolling into FYE with an unusually high level of excitement, I look all over the store for a copy only to learn they sold out on Tuesday. Really? Next I walk around the corner to Best Buy thinking “problem solved.” Turns out that Best Buy wanted $15.99 for the album. Really? In the end, I went home to download “Lightning Bolt” for $9.99 from Amazon, and Amazon will also send me the official CD for no extra charge. FYE: you lose. Best Buy: you lose. I am willing to spend $15.99 for a CD at my local independent music store (such as that offers signings and performances, but it would be idiotic to pay that much at a massive chain of electronics stores.

“Understanding in a Car Crash” Emo Gets Old, We all Get Old

Thursday released a great track back in 2001 called “Understanding in a Car Crash.” At the time, I dug it, but felt it reflected too much of the whiny ass emo sound that unnerved me. Now I look back on tracks like this as brilliant songs compared to today. Why? Because today’s rock music tends to be a pile of waste. I was fascinated by the notion that Wolves at the Gate covered “Understanding in a Car Crash” on their recent “Back to School EP.” Really? Am I getting that old, that Thursday from New Jersey is being honored for the new generation. When did Thursday become the old generation. Ah, screw it. I think labeling rock music with tags like emo is stupid. This song is awesome. Both versions are awesome.