Bought Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt” today – Why music stores are dead

On Tuesday, Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt” struck the streets. I hesitated to download it on Tuesday from iTunes or Amazon because I really wanted to own the physical CD. After a busy work week, I was forced to wait until today to get to the stores to finally buy the album. Strolling into FYE with an unusually high level of excitement, I look all over the store for a copy only to learn they sold out on Tuesday. Really? Next I walk around the corner to Best Buy thinking “problem solved.” Turns out that Best Buy wanted $15.99 for the album. Really? In the end, I went home to download “Lightning Bolt” for $9.99 from Amazon, and Amazon will also send me the official CD for no extra charge. FYE: you lose. Best Buy: you lose. I am willing to spend $15.99 for a CD at my local independent music store (such as that offers signings and performances, but it would be idiotic to pay that much at a massive chain of electronics stores.

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