#71. Rage Against The Machine / Best Bands of All-Time / Top 100

There is only one band to ever successfully execute a concoction of rap and hard rock in a brilliant manner, and that band is Rage Against The Machine.  At the #71 spot on the Gears of Rock’s Top 100 Bands of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Rage has produced a very successful catalog consisting of great rock songs.  With only 47 or so studio recorded tracks, almost all are legitimate hits.  Their best songs are “Bombtrack,” “Testify,” “Wake Up,” “Sleep Now in the Fire,” “Killing in the Name,” “Bulls on Parade,” “Vietnow,” “Guerilla Radio,” and “No Shelter.”

Best Song: “Killing in the Name” (1992)

Best Album: “Rage Against The Machine” (1992)

Most Valuable Member: Tom Morello – Guitar

Fun Fact: Drummer Brad Wilk played drums on the most recent Black Sabbath album “13.”


Top 100 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time

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