New Metallica Song 2014 – Live Debut South America

Update: “The Lords of Summer” was performed live for the first time this weekend during Metallica’s South America Tour By Request. The new song is over 8 minutes long and similar in style to the thrashier tracks on “Death Magnetic.” The intro is reminiscent of “Cyanide” and “Broken, Beat, and Scarred.” James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett offer excellent dual guitar harmonies in the middle of the track, which is very refreshing. We will post a more detailed review of “The Lords of Summer” very soon. For now watch the killer track live here or click below. The audio quality is very good for a fan-filmed video.

Metallica will perform a brand new song in Bogota this weekend according to their Facebook page. 2014 will mark the band’s newest material since 2008’s “Death Magnetic” and 2011’s “Beyond Magnetic EP” (sorry, “Lulu” does not count in our book). Video of the performance will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

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