Monthly Archives: April 2014

What is the best band that Billy Joel has ever seen live?

Billy Joel is a rock legend in his own right that sells out every single arena he chooses to play in regardless of how many shows he books. When it comes to live shows, what band puts on the greatest live show according to Billy Joel? AC/DC (that’s what he states at the beginning of the video below).

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson took the stage at a Billy Joel concert in Madison Square Garden on March 21. He performed “You Shook Me All Night Long” with Joel’s band. The guitar sounds a bit out of tune (could be the yucky tone), but it is still great to see Johnson wail out an AC/DC classic in 2014.

What is the best heavy metal band of all time?

This is purely a subjective question, however most reasonable modern homo sapiens would say it is Black Sabbath. They are the architects and godfathers of hard rock and heavy metal music. Every guitar riff that you hear today is derivative of a Black Sabbath riff that was recorded in the 1970s. Iron Maiden and Metallica are two more heavy metal bands that are also given consideration to be being the greatest of all time.