What is the worst song of 2014?

Nicki Minaj’s remix of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” is an atrocity. Her track is called “Anaconda” and it is awful. It is not possible for someone to produce a song worse than this. Maybe that is the genius behind this song and why it is a Top 10 hit – It is clear that today’s low IQ-having Americants want to listen to garbage with their scarce time. Also, and perhaps more importantly, societal degenerates love watching a good train wreck. What a hot mess! Need something to do today? Here are three things that will surely cure the tedium of your existence:

#1. Watch the “Anaconda” music video below

#2. Contract herpes from watching the video

#3. Go to your local 24-hour emergency care facility for treatment

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