What’s wrong with Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries”?

What is wrong with Fall Out Boy? Lots of things! However, this is the only frickin’ rock band on the dang radio right now. One can argue that the greatest crime by this band is sampling Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” on their latest hit “Centuries.”

What’s wrong with sampling? Nothing, if you are a lame hip hop producer or Skrillex wannabe. The bottom line is that rock bands should NOT have to resort to such uncreative behavior (with exception to Anthrax’s “I’m the Man”) because they play REAL instruments.

Why will we grant Fall Out Boy a free pass on this one? This band initially broke in the shadows of a dying Blink-182 and the early 2000’s revival of Green Day – we’re talking 10 years ago. The only possible way for these guys to feed their families today is by submitting to the will of cash money. Sugar, this band refuses to go down…like Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Lit, etc.

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