Howling Giant debuts “The Pioneer” music video, new EP drops Aug. 25

Fuzz prog rockers Howling Giant debuted their new music video for “The Pioneer” on The Sludgelord blog today. The band is getting ready to release Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2 on August 25. This is a great band, heavy and spacey, reminiscent of early Mastodon. The nerdy power trio consists of Roger Marks on bass, vocals; Tom Polzine on guitar, vocals; and Zach Wheeler on drums, vocals.

Black Hole Space Wizard: Part II track listing
1. Henry Tate (4:54)
2. The Pioneer (4:49)
3. Visions (7:38)
4. The Forest Speaks (2:00)
5. Circle of Druids (4:57)
6. Earth Wizard (7:24)
EP Length: 31:45

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