Every Mother’s Nightmare returns with “Grind” on October 6, features Zach Myers and new studio tracks

Every Mother’s Nightmare is back! You may remember some of their videos from the heyday of MTV’s Headbangers Ball. They are a great hair metal band who’s early momentum tragically coincided with the rise of the grunge bowel movement.

EMN is releasing an 11-track album called Grind on October 6 through HighVolMusic. The album contains five songs from their self-released Grind EP (2015), three new studio songs, three live tracks, and three videos on an enhanced CD. The opening track “Loco Crazy” features guitar work by Zach Myers of Shinedown while Saliva Wayne Swinny of Saliva lays down the riffs on “Snake.”

Here’s the music video of “Loco Crazy” from 2015’s EP:



Grind track listing:

1. Loco Crazy
2. Snake
3. Upper Hand
4. Blown Away
5. Sacred Circle
6. Days Are Through
7. Stand Up
8. Swing
9. Closet (Live)
10. Walls (Live)
11. Push (Live)

EMN are:

Rick Ruhl – Vocals
Troy Fleming – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lonnie Hammer – Drums, Backing Vocals
Travis “Gunner” Butler – Guitar
John Guttery – Guitar

Be sure to review these early EMN classics while you wait for October’s release: “Love Can Make You Blind,” “House of Pain,” and “Walls Came Down.”


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