“Walk with Me in Nightmares” music video released by Tombs, Billed for Ozzfest Nov.4

Here’s a gloomy track and music video that is guaranteed to grow on you on repeat. It’s Tombs’ “Walk with Me in Nightmares” and clocks in just over two minutes. Video is like a darkened version of Gene Simmons cruising the streets in Kiss’ “Domino.”

Comments on YouTube have been mixed since its release, but that’s how the story goes with monotone doom music. It’s not for everyone. I happened to like it by the 8th go-round.

Tombs is scheduled to play Ozzfest in San Bernadino, CA on November 4 and recently released the album The Grand Annihilation.

Here’s the Gears of Rock review of Tombs’ 2009 album Winter Hours.

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