Alter Bridge “The Other Side” live music video from the O2 Arena debuts, Album releases Sept. 8 on Napalm

Alter Bridge released the live montage music video for “The Other Side” from Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities album that is coming out on September 8. The album has 3 discs and 30 tracks, a great collection for AB fans and anyone getting into the band for the first time.


It’s hard to top the vocals of frontman Myles Kennedy, and guitarist Mark Tremonti is featured on the Gears of Rock’s Top 100 Guitarists of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal countdown. No one would have ever predicted 20 years ago that the former members of Creed would turn into bad ass hard rock musicians. So much respect for these guys.

Track list

1             The Writing on the Wall
2             Come to Life
3             Addicted to Pain
4             Ghost of Days Gone By
5             Cry of Achilles
6             The Other Side
7             Farther Than the Sun
8             Ties That Blind
9             Water Rising
10           Crows on a Wire
11           Watch Over You (solo acoustic)

12           Isolation
13           Blackbird
14           Metalingus
15           Open Your Eyes
16           Show Me A Leader
17           Rise Today
18           Poison in Your Veins
19           My Champion

1             Breathe
2             Cruel Sun
3             Solace
4             New Way To Live
5             The Damage Done
6             We Don’t Care at All
7             Zero
8             Home
9             Never Borne To Follow
10           Never Say Die (Outright)
11           Symphony Of Agony (The Last of Our Kind)

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