Loaded Guns “Bring Us Down” in catchy new single, EP releases August 25 on Century Media

Loaded Guns offer “Bring Us Down,” a featured track from the Miami metal band’s upcoming Unstoppable – EP from Century Media Records. Very catchy, deeply melodic, and devilishly refreshing. The flow, phrasing, and pick-hand speed of the guitar solo is excellent. A highly talented and positive metal band. The “we are screaming” line is sure to earworm your thought canal without causing any major discomfort. Not an easy feat to achieve. The 18 minute EP drops August 25.

Track listing – Unstoppable EP

  1. Bring Us Down
  2. Bullets
  3. I’m Alive
  4. Masks
  5. Pull The Trigger


  1. Just checked out there facebook. The singer looks like a pedophile who date rapes underage girls with ruffies and captain Morgan…..why the hell are they marketing this crap

    • I couldn’t agree more saw them open up for the bunny the bear l and there performance was just god awful the singer was trying so hard that he failed and the drummer was all over the place and that was last month. Its sad that century media never attends the shows to see how bad there bands at time can suck live and trust me what I saw is gonna show and the public is not gonna be pleased with what there presented, and as for the date rapist part I did get that vibe from him of a total scumbag. Just stay home Loaded Cunts

  2. This is so unoriginal and uninspiring, and all the song titles look generic as balls. This looks like its gonna be 18 minutes of pure torture…..I’d rather have a Seinfeld marathon than listen to Loaded Cum

  3. In the name of all that is manly and metal someone please get these fags real jobs cause so far they have no future in music at all!

  4. Great what the world needs more auto tuned vocals in metal and uninspiring lyrics about how nobody is gonna keep anyone down, and I mean seriously we don’t need this more of this. We need something that actually can grab a you by the balls, cause I can honestly speak on the behalf of everyone that this is just so unappealing and overdone at this point and the guitars sound too digital and obviously done with VST’s how hard is it to set up a mic to a cab. And everything is too copy paste to the point where I can name other bands that sound way too similar. I’m just not buying into this crap

  5. And this is what you get when you tell your kids that they can be anything in life. I bet there parents spoiled them too much. How much I bet you one of them is gonna kill themselves like that guy from milivanili did when they could never succeed as themselves

  6. Wow I thought crazy town sucked but this band just people that butterfly was a way better song than this….come to think of it this band makes all those corny rap metal bands from the late 90’s-early 2000’s sounded way better than this. We forgive you Limp Bizkit, hell we also forgive nickleback along with maroon 5

  7. There single has been out for two weeks and they only have gotten 8’000 views and its on century media’s channel. Hey loaded cum do us all a favor and take your sorry excuse for a song and stick it up your ads cause nobody on any website wants to hear your shorty music and see your wanna be ass image. I thought man o war was gay with there oily muscles but Jesus Christ this just took the cake of being a fat to a new level!

  8. Hey guys maybe these reviews might trigger these guys to write another overcome type song . Then again that song might even be worse lol!

  9. Here’s a joke what sucks more dick than a gay guy and Falls harder than a fat lady at a buffet line…do you give up this band and their song!

  10. Gott verdammt, was hat die Menschheit getan, um solche Scheiß-Musik zu verdienen, Schraube diese Band können Sie meinen Schwanz Saugen

  11. God Damon how much money did the label give this guy, and how much whiskey did he chug to null his pride to write this article.

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