Review: “Doyle II: As We Die” – Angry, Hellacious, and Sweet

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (such a cool name) of the legendary Misfits fame is back with his second solo album titled Doyle II: As We Die. Departing from the traditional punk sound of The Misfits of the 70s-80s, As We Die has more of thrash and metal vein. Cancerslug’s Alex Story is a beast on lead vocals. Think Glenn Danzig but angrier and more beastly. 

Opening with the title track of the album “As We Die,” these hellacious ghouls demand a kiss before death. How sweet. This song has a definite Pantera influence in the verse yet a harmonic Michale Graves era Misfit chorus feel. Wasting no time, the stompfest “Beast Like Me” gets unleashed and knocks your ass for 2 minutes. The drumming of Brandon Pertzborn is spot on and drives this tune. Actually more like plows this tune headfirst with reckless abandon. 

Not shying away from the horror theme, As We Die is filled with cool horror references. The standout tune “Witchcraft” is an ode to succumbing to powers of a witch. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing as Story’s menacing howl shines. I can’t help think about The Bride of Frankenstein while listening to “We Belong Dead.” The title is an obvious reference to the horror classic. Metal and horror is always the easiest way to my heart. 

Being a fan of all eras of The Misfits, I have had the chance of seeing this band play live. It’s true that you really can’t appreciate to its highest level without witnessing it yourself. Doyle is currently gearing up for a tour with the legendary GWAR. If you haven’t seen them yet, I can assure that you will not be disappointed. –NzaSixx

3 Pentagrams

Track List:

1 Kiss Me As We Die

2 Beast Like Me

3 God Of Flies

4 Run For Your Life

5 Darkside

6 Witchcraft

7 King Of The Undead

8 Virgin Sacrifice

9 We Belong Dead

10 Show No Mercy

11 Dark Gods Arise

12 Blood On The Axe

13 Night Of The Sin


Doyle – guitar

Alex Story – vocals

Brandon Pertzborn – Drums

Brandon Strate – Bass

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