Review: Scorpions and Megadeth – Madison Square Garden, NYC 9-16-17

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the Scorpions are over 50 years old. Another mind-blowing and age-defining factoid to throw out there is that their most successful album Crazy World is 27 years old. Where has time gone?!? On Saturday, Sept. 16 the Scorpions invaded Madison Square Garden with their current Crazy World ’17 Tour. Along for the ride was the mighty shredding and bullet-sweating Megadeth.

Opening the show, Megadeth fired straight, fast and extremely tight. Currently out supporting their latest album Dystopia, the LA trash titans opened the show with the Rust in Peace classic “Hangar 18.” 

As their set rolled out, I noticed that the ever-so entertaining banter of frontman Dave Mustaine was not present. After 4 tunes, he did mention that due to the “strictly enforced” time curfew, their was no room for talk. That’s fine by me, more shred time. 

It was nice to see new additions to Megadeth, drummer Dirk Verbueren and the standout guitarist Kiko Louriero, can indeed play with the big boys. Blazing into “The Mechanix,” a favorite of mine as it’s essentially an alternate interpretation of one-time rival, now friend Metallica’s “Four Horsemen.” 

Closing out their trimmed set with the triple punch of hit after hit after hit, Megadeth offered “Symphony of Destruction,” “Peace Sells,” and “Holy Wars.” 

Getting back to the guitar playing of Louriero. He is young, he plays his parts to a tee and gives the band a certified shredder. He legitimately gives rock god Marty Friedman a run for his money. 

My only complaint was the brevity of the set. Megadeth indeed brought their A-game and being openers, their mission was accomplished. Always leave the crowd wanting more so they come back next time!

Hitting the stage, the Scorpions seemed like the also hit the fountain of youth en route. They have such heart and the charisma is undeniable. Opening with “Going Out With A Bang,” was more like opening with a boom. The boom I speak of is the addition on the throne of Mikkey Dee. The Motörheader is an amazing fit to the band.

Klaus Meine is pushing 70 but his voice has not aged. He can still howl with the best of them. Paying homage and tipping his cap to the close-by 42nd Street, Meine mentioned that he wrote “The Zoo” after his first visit to New York. 

Lead guitarist Rudolf Schenker still has the same fire and intensity as he did with the Scorps of the 70s and 80s. Off their latest release Return To Forever, “We Built This House” works in nicely with the set.

Stripping it down midset, the band offered an acoustic medley of “Always Somewhere,” “Eye of The Storm,” and “Send Me An Angel.” This was a nice setup to the bands biggest hit, “Wind of Change.” It’s amazing that this classic still stands the test of time. Not trying to get political but you do hope that the song’s message would come true and give the world what it needs: peace, dammit. 

A nice tribute to Motörhead was given with a blazing cover of “Overkill,” accompanied with an amazing drum solo from Mikkey Dee. After a short break, The Scorpions took the stage to close the night out with the chilling “Still Loving You” and the 80’s anthem “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” 

I’m glad they didn’t retire when they said they would, the Scorpions obviously still got it. I don’t quite understand if they are out celebrating the release of Crazy World, why only play two songs off it. Maybe they are saying we still live in a Crazy World so let’s call the tour that? Who knows, who cares. They still rock. Hard! –NzaSixx

Megadeth Setlist:

Hangar 18


Take No Prisoners



Tornado of Souls

Symphony of Destruction

Peace Sells

Holy Wars … The Punishment Due

Scorpions Setlist:
Going Out With a Bang
Make It Real
The Zoo
Coast to Coast
Top of the Bill / Steamrock Fever / Speedy’s Coming / Catch Your Train
We Built This House
Delicate Dance
Always Somewhere / Eye of the Storm / Send Me an Angel (acoustic) 
Wind of Change
Rock ‘n’ Roll Band

Overkill (Motörhead)

Drum Solo


Big City Nights


No One Like You

Still Loving You

Rock You Like A Hurricane


  1. I totally agree with the Scorpions review. They continue to sound amazing, have tons of charisma and rock like a hurricane every time they take the stage! I was a bit concerned that something would be lacking without former drummer James Kottak as I am a big fan. Mikkey D. was incredible and as noted is unarguably a great fit for the band. I am so glad they did not retire either. Such talent and so much fun!!

  2. great review of the show. Scorpions announced the reason they called this tour “The Crazy World Tour” was the world we live in these days. It wasn’t to support their album from 27 years ago. I also have a review on my Scorpions site (

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