John Carpenter’s brilliant “Anthology: 1974-1998” album and tour – the music behind the horror, sci-fi, and action

Think about your favorite movie? Aside from the story and the acting, are there any other elements that make it your favorite? As being the avid horror fan that I am and the rock star I tend to believe I am, these two key ingredients are necessary for me to enjoy a film: a good story and a great soundtrack/score. 

Now imagine, for instance, John Carpenter’s Halloween. You know that one? Right? Ok, so picture that movie without the theme or the music…You can’t, right? When director and writer John Carpenter was shopping for a distributor for the film, he left out the score because of budget reasons. No one bit. Frustrated yet determined, Carpenter then did probably one of the smartest moves he could do: he decided to score the movie himself. After that the rest is cinematic history. Carpenter was put on the map and Halloween became an overnight sensation that spawned many sequels and inspired the whole slasher genre of 80s.

Fast forward now, nearly 40 years, John Carpenter is about to embark on his second concert tour as he is about to release his Anthology: 1974-1998. Anthology is a collection of 13 freshly recorded and revamped versions of John Carpenter’s pretty impressive resume of horror, sci-fi, and action movies of his prime era of film making. 

Collaborating with son Cody and godson Daniel Davies, as he has on his previous two solo albums, Carpenter tackles such themes as the above mentioned Halloween, Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, and They Live

The first non-official single from the mix is the theme from Christine. Accompanied with a video, the 1958 Red Plymouth Fury looks and now sounds more beautiful than ever. I’ve heard snippets of some of the new takes and I couldn’t be more excited. The album will be available on October 20 and the tour begins on October 29. -NzaSixx

Track List:

1. In the Mouth of Madness
2. Assault on Precinct 13
3. The Fog
4. Prince of Darkness
5. Santiago (Vampires)
6. Escape From New York
7. Halloween
8. Porkchop Express (Big Trouble in Little China)
9. They Live
10. The Thing
11. Starman
12. Dark Star
13. Christine

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