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What is the best heavy metal band of all time?

This is purely a subjective question, however most reasonable modern homo sapiens would say it is Black Sabbath. They are the architects and godfathers of hard rock and heavy metal music. Every guitar riff that you hear today is derivative of a Black Sabbath riff that was recorded in the 1970s. Iron Maiden and Metallica are two more heavy metal bands that are also given consideration to be being the greatest of all time.

“13” Black Sabbath Album Review Notes and Thoughts

-Ozzy Osbourne reunites with Black Sabbath for first studio album since 1978.

-In all honesty, it took a several full-album plays for “13” before warming up to it.

-The new songs initially sounded forced, like the band tried too hard to reproduce their early sound without pushing the envelope any further than they have in the past.

-You can hear the influence of classic Tony Iommi guitar riffs from ” “N.I.B.,” “War Pigs,” and “Black Sabbath” on new tracks like “Loner,” “Age of Reason,” and “The End of the Beginning.”

-While the riffs on “13” are good, I never experienced the warm euphoric feeling like when I first heard the intro of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” “Symptom of the Universe,” or “After Forever.”

-Then again, it can be difficult to top the greatest guitar riffs of all-time when you already wrote them.

-Geezer Butler is still amazing on bass.

-It is great to hear Iommi jam out on the 7- and 8-minute tracks.

-Ozzy’s voice is fine on “13,” not washed up like some have suggested.

-After I finished crying about missing Bill Ward on drums, I was able to admit that Brad Wilk keeps the band’s original feel in tact. Although I wonder why Black Sabbath opted for Wilk over the super-talented touring drummer, Tommy Clufetos. I think that was Rick Rubin’s doing.

-In the end, I am very happy that Black Sabbath is back in business. “13” still beats everything else that’s out these days.

Black Sabbath 13 Artwork

Black Sabbath “13” Album Artwork Drops – Will the album suck?

Black Sabbath album artwork for their upcoming record “13” is now available. Check it out below.

Do you think this comeback album will suck or will it be genius? I guess we will see whenever the Internet leak happens. Until the streams start rolling in, we can only speculate.


Remember, this album has Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, Tony Iommi on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass, and Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine) on drums. Will no Bill Ward on drums mean no Black Sabbath magic?

Black Sabbath Guitarist Was “Extremely Nervous” About Saturday’s Birmingham Show

Black Sabbath played a killer hometown concert on Saturday at O2 Arena in Birmingham, UK.

Guitarist Tony Iommi who is battling cancer had the following comment on the gig: “I was extremely nervous beforehand about playing a long set, not knowing whether I’d be able to last.”

He went on to praise the drumming of Tommy Clufetos who performed with Sabbath on short notice.

Live Video of Black Sabbath O2 Academy Birmingham Now Available

Update (5-20-12): Videos from the Black Sabbath May 19 Birmingham show are now available. Watch them below!

“Iron Man” (thanks to @maniac1705)

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Snippet (thanks to @dewiejudge)

“War Pigs” (thanks to @SanktuariuM)

“N.I.B.” (thanks to @llamzrt)

“Into The Void” (thanks to @SanktuariuM)

“Symtom of the Universe” Jam (thanks to @llamzrt)

“Children of the Grave (thanks to @MoJones83)

“Black Sabbath/The Wizard” (thanks to @Scampa550)

“Paranoid” (thanks to @nomisslade)


The pictures of Black Sabbath’s show at tonight’s O2 Academy have already come rolling in. We were informed that fans filmed the show and will upload the videos later today. We will post them right here as they become available throughout the night.


Rolling Stone concert review of Black Sabbath at the O2 Academy Birmingham, UK

Buzz – Black Sabbath May 19 Setlist at O2 Academy, Birmingham Leaked

The buzz on the web today is the huge hometown Black Sabbath gig in Birmingham, UK at O2 Academy this evening. Some promoter dude apparently took a picture of the setlist prior to the show and leaked it to sites like Bravewords and Blabbermouth. Here are the songs on the setlist:

‘Into The Void’
‘Under The Sun’
‘War Pigs’
‘Wheels Of Confusion’
‘Electric Funeral’
‘Black Sabbath’
‘The Wizard’
‘Behind The Wall Of Sleep’
‘Fairies Wear Boots’
‘Lord Of This World’
‘Tomorrow’s Dream’
‘Sweet Leaf’
‘Symptom Of The Universe’
Drum solo
‘Iron Man’
‘Dirty Women’
‘Children Of the Grave’
‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’

It is indeed an amazing setlist. let’s see what actually happens at the show. As announced earlier today, Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy Osbourne/ex-Rob Zombie) will be playing drums instead of original drummer Bill Ward.

Hat tip: Bravewords

Tommy Clufetos – Black Sabbath Drummer For The Summer

As we predicted earlier, Tommy Clufetos will play drums for the Black Sabbath “reunion” shows starting with the O2 Academy show in Birmingham this evening. He is an excellent drummer who has performed and recorded with Ozzy Osbourne since the Scream album. I was a huge fan of Clufetos when he performed with Rob Zombie’s band. Here is what Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has to say about him:

We started rehearsals a few weeks ago with Tommy Clufetos, the drummer who will be on the OZZY & FRIENDS Tour. Brilliant drummer and good bloke.

Clufetos has a unique style that is a blast to experience live. However, in our eyes, there is no Sabbath without Bill Ward. But then again, Butler suggested that Ward was the greedy one in this mess, asking for an unreasonable amount of money to perform. Who do you believe?

Black Sabbath Removes Bill Ward From Website – Sick PR Stunt?

The current members of Black Sabbath, as it turns out, are horrible human beings, or it at least appears that way. Why is that, you ask? As of today (May 18), original drummer Bill Ward has been removed from the official website photos on the main page.

Can it be true that Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer are that uncool and disrespectful toward a founding member? Or is this Bill Ward drama a huge PR stunt? Imagine if Ward shows up performing behind the drum kit at tomorrow night’s Black Sabbath show in Birmingham in the O2 Academy. I won’t be surprised, not me.

Because I don’t want to fall for this anymore. I refuse to accept that the architects of heavy metal would sink to this low. It has got to be for publicity. Right? I mean, how could they? Overall, this is bad for hard music.

Black Sabbath Announces Substitute Drummer

Following original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward’s statement of why he will not be performing with the band this summer, Black Sabbath have released a statement of their own. According to the band, they have picked up a substitute drummer for the summer gigs. Upcoming Sabbath shows include Birmingham on May 19, Download Festival on June 10, and Lollapalooza on August 3.

The man will be revealed soon by the band, but my guess is Tommy Clufetos, the drummer that singer Ozzy Osbourne stole from Rob Zombie for 2010’s Scream. I don’t think it will be: Mike Bordin since Faith No More are playing shows this summer, Joey Jordison because Slipknot is touring all summer, and Mike Portnoy will be doing the same with Adrenaline Mob.

Again, this is a huge disappointment and disgrace. How could the four original members of the greatest heavy metal band of all time not get it together? There is only one reason/reality show judge that I can think of that is responsible…

Bill Ward – Black Sabbath Talks Fail, No Reunion Summer 2012

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward will not be reuniting with the rest of the band this summer. Ward issued an official statement regarding the manner on his website He is especially sorry that he cannot perform with guitarist Tony Iommi who has been battling cancer.

From a Sabbath’s fan perspective, this is very bad news. Without Bill, there is no full reunion. It’s a shame that differences or greed, or whatever may be, cannot be put aside. These dudes go way back. Money, lawyers, egos, etc should never get in the way of a history that these legends share. Pathetic. Of course, Bill is most likely not to blame…hmmm.