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James LaBrie “Impermanent Resonance” Tracks Available

Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie is gearing up for the release of his new solo album “Impermanent Resonance” in a few weeks (July 29 Europe/Aug.6 US) and he is offering you an assortment of tracks to listen to for free.

Check out this brand new lyric video for the song “Back on the Ground,” a dazzling anthem for the ages.

Stream “Impermanent Resonance” studio drum tracking featuring Peter Wildoer

Free “Impermanent Resonance” download of “Agony” is available through Inside Out Music

In case you missed it: James LaBrie’s last album “Static Impulse” was one of the best albums of 2010.

Dream Theater European Tour Dates 2014

Dream Theater released their 2014 European tour plans for January and February. The band will support its upcoming self-titled album Dream Theater which releases on September 24, 2013. Dream Theater will launch a 2014 US tour beginning in March.

Wed 1/15 Porto, Portugal Coliseum of Porto
Thu 1/16 Madrid, Spain Palacio Visalegre
Fri 1/17 Pamplona, Spain Anaitasuna
Sat 1/18 Barcelona, Spain St. Jordi Club
Mon 1/20 Milan, Italy Mediolanum Forum
Tues 1/21 Florence, Italy Obihall
Wed 1/22 Rome, Italy Palalottomatica
Thu 1/23 Padova, Italy Geox Theatre
Sat 1/25 Vienna, Austria Gasometer
Sun 1/26 Munich, Germany Zenith
Mon 1/27 Zurich, Switzerland Volkshaus
Wed 1/29 Prague, Czech Republic Tipsport Arena
Thu 1/30 Ludwigsburg, Germany Arena
Fri 1/31 Paris, France Zenith
Sat 2/1 Offenbach, Germany Stadthalle
Mon 2/3 Zagreb, Croatia Cibona
Tues 2/4 Ljubljana, Slovenia Small Tivoli
Wed 2/5 Katowice, Poland Spodek Hall
Fri 2/7 Bamberg, Germany Stechert Arena
Sat 2/8 Deinze, Belgium Brielpoort
Sun 2/9 Hannover, Germany Swiss Life Hall
Mon 2/10 Saarbrucken, Germany Saarlandhalle
Wed 2/12 Lille, France Aeronef
Thu 2/13 Manchester, UK O2 Apollo
Fri 2/14 London, UK Wembley Arena
Sat 2/15 Wolverhampton, UK Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Mon 2/17 Amsterdam, Holland Heineken Music Hall
Tues 2/18 Dusseldorf, Germany Mitsubishi Electric Halle
Thu 2/20 Copenhagen, Denmark Falconer
Mon 2/24 Helsinki, Finland Icehall

John Petrucci 2013 Guitar Rig from the Studio – New Dream Theater Album

Dream Theater guitarist John Pertrucci discusses his current guitar rig from the studio while the band is recording its brand new album. He goes over his Mesa Boogie clean sounds, crunch rhythms, Mark III and Mark IV heads (which he hasn’t used much), and the Mark V from “A Dramatic Turn of Events.” In the video below, Petrucci says: “It sounds like a T-Rex screaming in your face.”

G3 – Mike Portnoy on Playing With John Petrucci in South America “Would’ve Been Fun”

Earlier today, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci announced that he will take Mike Mangini to South America to play with him on the G3 tour in October. After Petrucci’s announcement, ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy Tweeted that he would have been interested in playing for Petrucci on the G3 tour.

@atommico_@MikePortnoy you should be the G3: South America drummer.” Would’ve been fun!! Obviously not my call though… : )

As usual you should not expect any DT-esque reunion anytime soon.

John Petrucci To Perform with Mangini and LaRue in South America G3 Tour in October

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci announced that drummer Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) and Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse) will be joining him on the G3 tour in South America in October. Petrucci expressed his excitement of having these great musicians back him up on the tour:

I’m really looking forward to G3 in South America this October and I’m thrilled to announce that Mike Mangini and Dave LaRue will be joining me!

G3 South America Tour Dates – Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, and John Petrucci

10.11.2012 Citibank Hall Rio de Janeiro, BR
10.12.2012 Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, BR

Dream Theater Live in Singapore May 2, 2012 Pro-Shot Video

Dream Theater brought their monstrous progressive metal show to Kallang Theatre in  Singapore on May 2. Pro-shot video is now available of the concert that featured DT classics “The Root of All Evil,” “Surrounded,” and more. Thanks to @rizramon for supplying the footage below from the A Dramatic Tour of Events tour.


“Bridges In The Sky”

“Build Me Up, Break Me Down”


“The Root of All Evil”


  1. Bridges in the Sky
  2. 6:00
  3. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
  4. Surrounded
  5. The Root of All Evil
  6. A Fortune in Lies
  7. Acoustic
  8. The Silent Man
  9. Beneath the Surface
  10. Outcry
  11. On the Backs of Angels
  12. War Inside My Head
  13. The Test that Stumped Them All
  14. The Spirit Carries On
  15. Breaking All Illusions
  16. Pull Me Under

Ultimate List Of Mike Portnoy Posted By Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy posted this monstrous list at that includes all of the bands and musicians he has performed with. Check it out below:

How’s this for some new MP FAQ info:

Bands MP has played in, performed &/or recorded with:
1. Dream Theater (1985-2010)
2. Liquid Tension Experiment (1997-1999, 2008)
3. Transatlantic (1999-2001, 2008- )
4. John Petrucci/G3 (2001-2007)
5. Andy West (2001)
6. Neal Morse (2002- )
7. OSI (2002-2004)
8. Yellow Matter Custard (2003 & 2011)
9. Hammer Of The Gods (2003)
10. John Arch (2003)
11. Overkill (2004)
12. Fates Warning (2005 & 2012)
13. Cygnus & The Sea Monsters (2005)
14. Amazing Journey (2006)
15. Hail! (2010 & 2011)
16. Avenged Sevenfold (2010)
17. Flying Colors (2011- )
18. Adrenaline Mob (2011- )
19. Stone Sour (2011)
20. ___(just recorded new album of)___ (2012)

Singers MP has worked with:
1. James LaBrie (Dream Theater)
2. Neal Morse (Transatlantic, Neal Morse, Flying Colors, Yellow Matter Custard)
3. M Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
4. Corey Taylor (Stone Sour)
5. Russell Allen (Adrenaline Mob)
6. Casey McPherson (Flying Colors)
7. Ripper Owens (Hail)
8. John Arch
9. Ray Alder (Fates Warning)
10. Bobby Blitz Ellesworth (Overkill)
11. Jason McMaster (Cygnus & The Sea Monsters)
12. Daniel Gildenlow (Hammer Of The Gods, Transatlantic)
13. Gary Cherone (Amazing Journey)
14. Whitfield Crane (Hail)
15. Charlie Dominici (Dream Theater)
16. Chris Collins (Majesty)

Guitarists MP has worked with:
1. John Petrucci (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, G3)
2. Paul Gilbert (Yellow Matter Custard, Hammer Of The Gods, Cygnus & The Sea Monsters, Amazing Journey)
3. Steve Morse (Flying Colors)
4. John Sykes (Unreleased Sykes/Portnoy Demos)
5. Roine Stolt (Transatlantic)
6. Jim Matheos (Fates Warning, OSI, John Arch)
7. Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob)
8. Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold)
9. Zacky Vengeance (Avenged Sevenfold)
10. James Root (Stone Sour)
11. Josh Rand (Stone Sour)
12. Andreas Kisser (Hail)
13. Frank Aresti (Fates Warning)
14. Eric Brenton (Neal Morse)
15. Glen Drover (Hail)
16. Phil Demmel (Hail)
17. Dave Linsk (Overkill)
18. Tony MacAlpine (Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian)
19. Richie Kotzen (Portnoy, Sheehan, Kotzen)

Bassists MP has worked with:
1. John Myung (Dream Theater)
2. Tony Levin (Liquid Tension Experiment)
3. Pete Trewavas (Transatlantic)
4. Billy Sheehan (Amazing Journey, PSMS, PSK)
5. Dave LaRue (G3, Hammer Of The Gods, Flying Colors)
6. Paul DiLeo (Adrenaline Mob)
7. David Ellefson (Hail)
8. Johnny Christ (Avenged Sevenfold)
9. Randy George (Neal Morse)
10. Kasim Sulton (Yellow Matter Custard)
11. Matt Bissonette (Yellow Matter Custard)
12. Sean Malone (Cygnus & The Sea Monsters, OSI)
13. Joey Vera (Fates Warning, OSI, John Arch)
14. DD Verni (Overkill)
15. Jason Rapisse (Stone Sour)
16. James LoMenzo (Hail)
17. Andy West (Rama)
18. John Moyer (Adrenaline Mob)

Keyboardists MP has worked with:
1. Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment)
2. Neal Morse (Transatlantic, Neal Morse, Flying Colors, Yellow Matter Custard)
3. Kevin Moore (Dream Theater, OSI)
4. Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, PSMS)

Musicians MP has jammed with:
1. Dweezil Zappa (Los Angeles 2009)
2. Steve Vai (Japan 2005, Los Angeles 2009)
3. Joe Satriani (Long Island 2002, Japan 2005)
4. Scott Ian (NYC 2011)
5. Charlie Benante (Chicago 2006, Los Angeles & NYC 2011, LA 2012)
6. Frank Bello (NYC 2010, Los Angeles & NYC 2011, LA 2012)
7. Kerry King (NYC 2011 & LA 2012)
8. Phil Anselmo (NYC 2011 & LA 2012)
9. Dave Mustaine (Dallas 2005)
10. Bruce Dickinson (London 1995, Los Angeles 1998)
11. Nicko McBrain (Florida 1998)
12. Paul DiAnno (Austria 1995)
13. Steve Howe (London 1995)
14. Steve Hogarth (London 1995)
15. Steven Rothery (London 1995)
16. Mikael Akerfeldt (London 2009)
17. Burton C Bell (Dallas 2005)
18. Doug Pinnick (Studio 1997, North America 2002)
19. Jay Beckenstein (Studio 1991, 1998 & 1999, NYC 2000)
20. Scott Rockenfield (Seattle 2004)
21. Alan White (Mexico 2004)
22. Mike Mangini (Boston 2002)
23. Jason Bittner (Wallingford 2006)
24. Richard Christy (Long Island 2005)
25. Martin Axenrot (NYC 2008, London 2009)
26. Blake Richardson (NYC 2008)
27. Chris Gartmann (NYC 2008)
28. Steve Frothingham (Los Angeles & London 2009)
29. Joe Travers (Los Angeles 2009)
30. Pat Skeffington (Los Angeles 2009)
31. Landryx (London 2009)
32. Chris Jericho (Toronto 2002)
33. Gregg Bisonette
34. Steve Smith
35. Terry Bozzio (Los Angeles 2010)
36. Jack Bruce (Anaheim 2011)
37. Jerry Goodman (Studio 2009)
38. Barney Greenway (London 1995)
39. Steve Hackett (London 2010)
40. Steve Moore (Switzerland 2011)
41. Dee Snider (Video 2012)
42. Dave Lombardo (LA 2012)
43. Chris Broderick (LA 2012)
44. Geezer Butler (LA 2012)
45. Lzzy Hale (Studio 2011)
46. Theresa Thomason (1999 & 2000, 2005)

Bands MP have Jammed with:
1. Zappa Plays Zappa  (NYC, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles 2009)
2. Queensryche (North America 2003)
3. Megadeth (Toronto 2005)
4. Beatallica (Madison 2004 & Columbus 2010)
5. Bigelf (North America & Europe 2009, South America 2010)
6. Fozzy (NYC 2010)
7. Pain Of Salvation (Paris 2001, Barcelona 2002, Australia 2009, Istanbul 2011)
8. Spock’s Beard (Europe & North America 2000, Paris & London 2007)
9. Galactic Cowboys (North America 1993)
10. I Mother Earth (North America 1994)
11. Z02 (Buffalo 2010)
12. Enchant (Europe 1997)
13. Vanden Plas (Europe 1998)
14. Tiles (Europer 1999)


OK, now how many of these appearances have you seen (or CD’s do you own)???


Dream Theater Cancels Beijing Show For May 4, 2012

Dream Theater made an announcement today that the Beijing concert at Century Theatre on May 4 is cancelled because the promoters failed to prepare the band’s visas on time. The official statement from the Dream Theater camp is below:

The Beijing show is reluctantly cancelled.

Due to circumstances beyond the control of Dream Theater we are forced to cancel the show on May 4, 2012, at the Century Theatre.

Unfortunately the local organizers of the show were not able to secure the necessary working visas in time for the Band to properly enter the country.

We at Dream Theater are truly sorry for any inconveniences.

Dream Theater Live Video From Jakarta Concert Available – 4-21-12

For the first time in Dream Theater’s career, the progressive metal band played to the thousands of maniacs in Jakarta, Indonesia at Mata Elang International Stadium last night (April 21). Live video footage is now streaming from the concert and you can watch it below…more to come:


“The Spirit Carries On”

“Breaking All Illusions”

“Pull Me Under”

Dream Theater Setlist – Jakarta – April 21

  1. Bridges in the Sky
  2. 6:00
  3. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
  4. Surrounded
  5. The Root of All Evil
  6. Drum Solo
  7. A Fortune in Lies
  8. Outcry
  9. The Silent Man
  10. Beneath the Surface
  11. On the Backs of Angels
  12. War Inside My Head
  13. The Test that Stumped Them All
  14. The Spirit Carries On
    (w/ Petrucci and Rudess Intro)
  15. Breaking All Illusions
  16. Pull Me Under