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Drowning Pool “Resilience” Full Album Stream, 5th Studio Record Track Listing & Cover Art

Drowning Pool will release its fifth studio album Resilience tomorrow. This is the band’s first record to feature the lead vocals of Jasen Moreno. The album is streaming here now.

Drowning Pool “Resilience” Cover Art – This is the band’s fifth studio album.

Track Listing:
1. “Anytime Anyplace”
2. “Die for Nothing”
3. “One Finger and a Fist”
4. “Digging These Holes”
5. “Saturday Night”
6. “Low Crawl”
7. “Life of Misery”
8. “Broken Again”
9. “Understand”
10. “Bleed with You”
11. “Skip to the End”
12. “In Memory Of…”
13. “Blindfold”

Music Video for the single “One Finger and a Fist”

Review: Drowning Pool – Loudest Common Denominator [2009]

amazon-drowning-poolFor the first time in their 8 year major label career modern rockers Drowning Pool offer an intense live recording in Loudest Common Denominator. Featuring all of the band’s radio friendly hits “Bodies,” “Enemy,” and “Sinner” Loudest will surely please the loyal fans and mainstream radio audience. In addition to the 11 live tracks recorded in San Diego the band offers acoustic studio demos of  “37 Stitches” and “Shame” both of which serve as the disc’s highlights. Here is the bottom line: Drowning Pool is following an industry trend, due to no fault of their own, of releasing live recordings without offering a unique take on their studio releases—with exception to minor stage banter, the songs sound identical to the originals. If you want to experience this band live then grab an overpriced ticket and tear it up in the pit for yourself. B-

Drowning Pool performing “37 Stitches” live and acoustic on Altitude TV:

Drowning Pool is Ryan McCombs [vocals], CJ Pierce [guitars/vocals], Steve Benton [bass/vocals], and Mike Luce [drums].

The buzz on the heavy metal street is that Drowning Pool will perform on this summer’s Crüe Fest 2 tour. It is unofficial as of now but there are Crüe Fest tickets on sale at – The Safe Way to Buy & Sell Tickets Online

Listening Party: Drowning Pool "Loudest Common Denominator" Feb. 26


In support of the release of their brand new live album, Drowning Pool is hosting  a free online listening party on Feb. 26, 2009. Hear Loudest Common Denominator in its entirety before it hits the streets on March 3.

Pre-Order Loudest Common Denominator

Track Listing:

1. “Sinner”

2. “Full Circle”

3. “Enemy

4. “Step Up”

5. “Shame”

6. “Reminded”

7.  “Soldiers”

8. “Reborn”

9. “Pity”

10. “Bodies”

11. “Tear Away”

12. “37 Stitches (acoustic)”

13. “Shame (acoustic)”