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“That Metal Show” Lemmy / Warrant Live Rundown 4-28-12

Tonight’s episode of That Metal Show features Motorhead’s Lemmy and members of Warrant who will discuss the late Jani Lane. Michael Schenker is the special guest guitarist for the second episode in a row.

11:00 p.m. est Show intro with Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson. Trunk wearing Anthrax Spreading the Disease shirt…cool.

11:02 p.m. Schenker talks about being on William Shatner’s record

Trunk tweets: “Here we go with an all new @thatmetalshow Tonight’s show was originally going to be Jason Newsted & Lemmy, but Jason cancelled last minute”

11:06 p.m. Top 5 Albums of the Century – 1. Accept Blood of the Nations, 2. Anthrax Worship Music, Exodus Tempo of the Damned 4. Buckcherry 15, 5. Hatebreed Perseverance 

Right now, thinking it sucks that Jason Newsted cancelled…damn.

11:11 p.m. Time to bring out LEMMY!!!!!!!

11:13 p.m. Lemmy already attributing his voice to alcohol…he digs tea and honey too \m/

Trunk tweets: This is Lemmys 3rd @thatmetalshow appearance from what I remember

11:14 p.m. Trunk defends drinking vitamin water in a story, and was ordered by Lemmy to get another beer

11:16 p.m. Wow, Billy Gibbons is two years younger than Lemmy?

11:17 p.m. Lemmy: The Movie discussion – yes Don, beautiful moment with Lemmy’s son.

Listened to new Marilyn Manson record during the break…not terrible.

11:22 p.m. Ask Lemmy session with the audience. Lemmy doesn’t really explain why he keeps the mic up high; explains how he got the name Lemmy; title from new album came from Scarface; crazy looking awesome hairy short guy asks about Lemmy’s hobbies…chasing women of course.

11:27 p.m. Commercial break… Schenker takes us out

Trunk tweets: “Warrant has long wanted to be on the show, finally got them in as a last minute. when Newsted cancelled we were able to plug them in w/ Lem”

11:31 p.m. Jerry Dixon and Robert Mason of Warrant enter the studio…

Even more disappointed that Newsted cancelled.

11:33 p.m. Robert Mason talks about sitting behind the curtain singing backup for Ozzy Osbourne 1995-1996…interesting….hmmmm

Trunk tweets: ““@Triddy243@EddieTrunk Do you know why Newsted cancelled?” family emergency”

11:35 p.m. Dixon talks the last time he saw Jani Lane

11:36 p.m. Lemmy says his girlfriend died of heroin at 19, that is why he doesn’t do hard drugs.

11:39 p.m. Robert Mason discusses how he ended up singing in Warrant…he was huge fan of Jani Lane. Future of Warrant is being on the road and writing new music.

Trunk tweets: “Robert Mason is an old friend originally from NJ, incredible voice he has!”

11:40-11:49 p.m. Stump the Trunk: Steven Adler asks Stryper question…stumps, wins Alice Cooper CD…Nope, Adler must return CD after Trunk’s fact checking; Trunk knows C.C. DeVille’s real name; Trunk is having a meltdown over Hendrix question… crying… think I see a tear… Trunk still whining, unbelievable… no one believes him. Lemmy knew the answer. Trunk is swearing. New question: Kevin DuBrow replacement question Trunk gets easily.

Trunk tweets his frustration: “Did you hear that??? He passed away the year after Cry Of Love the bands album was released??”

11:50 p.m. Pick of the Week – Accept’s Stalingrad

Trunk still whines on Twitter: “As I’m sure you figured out by now, most viewers, and for sure the network, LOVE when I get crazy, so I often get set up it seems….”

11:56 p.m. Throwdown – Justice versus Black Album: Lemmy says the Metallica albums are equal. Jamieson defends Black album. Comments are made about the lack of bass on Justice. Trunk says something intelligent: “Imagine Justice with Black Album production.” Winner is: …And Justice For All

Trunk tweets: “But @adlerrocks is all good with me! Great guy & huge TMS fan. He rocked our shirt at Hall induction so he has a lifetime pass #tms

Next week’s TMS features Michael Schenker, Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Frank Hannon on guitar. Go here for full season 10 schedule…only three episodes left.

“That Metal Show” Streaming Episodes – Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)

Episodes of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show are available for streaming online. If you missed last Saturday’s show featuring guitarist Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden, you can view it below. Read the live Gears of Rock rundown here.

Tonight’s guests on Ep. 1005 are Lemmy, Robert Mason and Jerry Dixon of Warrant, and Michael Schenker on guitar. For the full lineup of season 10 guests and upcoming shows go here. The show airs Saturday nights at 11 p.m. on VH1 Classic.

“That Metal Show” Iron Maiden Live Rundown 4-21

Tonight’s episode of That Metal Show features a giant from the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith and former UFO guitarist Michael Schenker.

10:55 p.m. est @EddieTrunk A little over 5 minutes from the debut of an all new @thatmetalshow with Adrian Smith & Michael Schenker. I’ll tweet live during commercials

11 p.m est: Show begins with intro from Eddie Trunk (“wall to wall metal”, YEAH!), Jim Florentine wearing Starland Ballroom t-shirt, and Don Jamieson…Florentine makes a snarky comment (“shot in my hotel room”..ra ra ra)

@EddieTrunk Adrian Smith also was hugely influenced by Schenker as was all of Maiden, so he was pumped to see Michael also!

11:02 est Schenker rips on guitar, gives Trunk a sick guitar for no reason, Trunk speechless, cries

11:03 est Trunk cries…boo hoo, wahhhh

11:05 est Talks Van Halen at MSG…great show (I was there too) and the private NY show. Discusses how great A Different Kind of Truth is…Yes Jamieson, “Tattoo” grows on you. Judgment on the new VH album = RIPPING! EVH “happy healthy sober” according to Trunk

11:07 est Top 5 Maiden Albums – Trunk puts Brave New World #5 (interesting). Final results: #5 Powerslave, #4 Iron Maiden, #3 Piece of Mind, #2 Killers, #1 The Number of the Beast

11:11 est Commercial break…Trunk cries over Schenker guitar, again…weeping away

11:15 est commercial break….still…wtf

11:16 est Welcoming Adrian Smith…wearing hat, no headband…(@EddieTrunk Got so lucky with timing that Adrian Smith was in LA when we shot these shows. He has a second home there and was doing some fishing)

11:17 est Discusses Maiden England set and summer tour…Trunk empathizes with Maiden’s trouble of picking a setlist from a monstrous catalog.

11:19 est Doesn’t take long for Adrian Smith to get back into the swing of touring

11:20 est Discussion on live DVD of En Vivo!…Trunk says that it is his favorite live DVD…Smith talks flying with captain/vocalist Bruce Dickinson…Bruce sometimes looks at flight plans before getting on stage…Maiden was flying around Japan as the earthquake and tsunami hit last year.

11:23 est Commercial, Schenker plays into break…Trunk tears up

11:28 est And we’re back…finally. Adrian Smith TMS vault in 1984, Smith and Maiden  mobbed…”You Cant play heavy metal with synthesizers,” said Bruce Dickinson in the olf footage. Then Maiden used synths a few years later…hahahahaha

11:31 est South American fans get really excited for Iron Maiden. “They are just fanatical,” said Smith.

11:32 est Talks Dave Murray trying to get Smith into the band and transitioning from Di’Anno to Bruce…nothing interesting

11:34 est Another commercial break…

11:38 est Continuing with Adrian Smith…side project Primal Rock Rebellion for las 4-5 years…heavy and progressive.

11:40 est Psycho Motel highly recommended by Don Jamieson

11:40 est Maiden brings in new ideas for songs…Steve Harris now sits down with Bruce and Adrian to write. Maiden doesn’t need to write singles for the record companies. “Keep doin what you’re doing,” says Jamieson.

11:43 est Stump The Trunk… stumped by a girl and Jennifer Leah Gottlieb comes out; stumped by another girl over Painted Lady and contestant wins Glenn Hughes new book; gets easy Dickinson question correct; cool looking Mexican dude (think Danny Trejo)  asks about Iron Maiden’s airplane…super easy question.

(@EddieTrunk Split that one 50/50. Made a decent recovery at the end. We are now shot in HD, but @Vh1Classic still not broadcast that way sadly)

11:49 est commercial break…Number of the Beast vs. Piece of Mind to be The Throwdown

11:54 est Whatever happened to segment…the old Maiden guys (Yeah, we can Google it too, haha). Dennis Stratton bit was interesting.

11:56 est The Throwdown: The Number of the Beast vs Piece of Mind – Smith, Florentine, Trunk go with Number, Jamiseson goes against the grain as usual and sides with Piece to make Throwdown interesting…Beast wins

Meanwhile on Twitter, fans complain to Trunk on why VH1 doesn’t broadcast in HD.

11:59 est Credits roll… \m/

Lemmy and Warrant on That Metal Show next week.

@EddieTrunk Thank you guys for watching tonight’s @thatmetalshow Hope you enjoyed it. It repeats again right now on @Vh1Classic #tms

Eddie Trunk Calls Into Howard Stern Show

“That Metal Show” host and hard rock radio personality Eddie Trunk called into The Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM Radio this Monday morning, April 16. Listen to the replay of Trunk’s interview on Howard 100 throughout the day. The Howard Stern Show also replays the weeks’ shows on Thursdays and Fridays.

Eddie Trunk is listed on “Today’s Show Companion” on, the official site of The Howard Stern Show. It says “Eddie Trunk called in to swap Axl Rose stories” for the April 16, 2012 show.