Review: Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

Finally, COC has come back to kick some serious ass! No Cross No Crown is the band's first studio album with ...
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Review: Stone Temple Pilots “Core” 25th Anniversary Set – This Reissue Still Holds Up

I still remember very vividly the first time I heard Stone Temple Pilots. I was in 9th grade and still ...
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Review: Michale Graves – Revolution, Amityville, NY 9-22-17 with Post-Show Interview Footage

It’s amazing where time has gone. It’s been nearly 20 years since Michale Graves came, saw, revamped, and solidified the ...
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John Carpenter’s brilliant “Anthology: 1974-1998” album and tour – the music behind the horror, sci-fi, and action

Think about your favorite movie? Aside from the story and the acting, are there any other elements that make it ...
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Review: Scorpions and Megadeth – Madison Square Garden, NYC 9-16-17

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the Scorpions are over 50 years old. Another mind-blowing and ...
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Review: “Doyle II: As We Die” – Angry, Hellacious, and Sweet

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (such a cool name) of the legendary Misfits fame is back with his second solo album ...
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Review: Corrosion of Conformity live at The Paramount, Huntington – 9/11/17

Last night Corrosion of Conformity delivered 7 heavy, mighty, and thunderous classics to a predominantly black-dressed audience at The Paramount ...
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Nza’s Review: Motorhead “Under Cover”

When Lemmy died, he left behind a legacy that can not be touched. Motörhead obviously called it a day after ...
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Motley Crue’s “Girls” turns 30, intoxicated classic gets repackaging treatment

It's amazing how the music I grew up listening to is considered classic rock. I can't believe I'm actually going ...
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Crnkshft knocks your teeth in on killer self-titled EP

Crnkshft released their self-titled EP and it's a hard driving ass kicker. In fact, this band kicks so much ass ...
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  1. These are all great bands, but our future of metal lies with the new ones, and this world is making it very hard for the emerging great bands to break through, and the whole industry sounds the same now, for example i found this really cool band, Edge OF PAradise, they should huge, they sound better then most of the bands out there, but i wonder if they have the right push behind them, lets support the new great bands!
    Check them out!

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