Dyscarnate to release “With All Their Might” on September 15, New music video available now

Dyscarnate, the UK-based death metal band, released the music video for “Iron Strengthens Iron” on Decibel’s website and it is brutal. The trio will drop their third studio album With All Their Might on September 15 through Unique Leader Records. There are eight heavy interconnected tracks in total. “Every song has its place on the record, but the […]

SOS Metal Reviews: Napalm Death "Times Waits For No Slave," Death By Stereo, Minsk, Warbringer, and more…

NAPALM DEATH TIME WAITS FOR NO SLAVE Pioneering grindcore unit Napalm Death continue their trademark trail of wreckage, willfully destroying everything in their way with lethal rounds of speed and a rabid sense of aggression on Time Waits For No Slave, the British troupe’s 14th studio endeavor. Exhibiting the ravenous thirst for domination they’ve built […]

Review: Necroblaspheme – Destination: Nulle Part [2009]

Necroblaspheme delivers a vicious barrage of muscular death metal intensity and foreboding doom metal juxtaposing on the nine-track DESTINATION: NULLE PART. Chock full of slamming grooves (“Sorry for Us”) and brazen flashes of technicality within a well-structured metallic paradigm (“Descent’s Genesis”), this French outfit’s off-kilter atmosphere stems from the ferocious flurry of tempo changes and […]

Review: Impiety – Dominator [EP-2008]

Singapore black metal troupe Impiety maintain a dastardly level of speed throughout the course of their latest five-song, 15-minute endeavor DOMINATOR, as this black-death hybrid troupe bludgeon the ears with a speed-driven assault exploding with bad intent. Tracks like “At War with Temujin” demonstrate this veteran squad’s penchant for whipping up a maelstrom of malevolent […]