Review: Slayer – World Painted Blood [2009]

You would think that even a pioneering thrash metal band would evolve and head in a different direction at some point during a career that spans nearly 30 years. Not Slayer. On World Painted Blood, Slayer is just as devastating, fast, and angry as they were in 1986.

This is a band that has consistently opted for the conservative and rare “stick to your guns” approach while mastering the craft that they began in the process. Slayer delivers thrash perfection offering musical aggression at its finest. Standout tracks such as “Snuff,” “World Painted Blood,” “Psychopathy Red,” and “Beauty Through Order” might as well have been A-Sides on Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss.

The lead guitars of Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King not only trade shotgun blasts of shreddage throughout but also harmonize in the most demonic of manner on “Playing With Dolls” and “Human Strain.” You can expect the fist throwing “Hate Worldwide” to be a hard stomping pit-pleaser on the supporting world tour and beyond.

Dave Lombardo’s powerful drumming is thunderous and explosive particularly on “Unit 731” and “Public Display of Dismemberment,” while Tom Araya continues to display his dominance as the official voice of thrash music. All in all, World Painted Blood is flawless and immaculate, a 5-star performance, and the album of the year -Meds

5 StarsSlayer is Tom Araya (Vocals/Bass), Jeff Hanneman (Guitar), Kerry King (Guitar), & Dave Lombardo (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “World Painted Blood”
  2. “Unit 731”
  3. “Snuff”
  4. “Beauty Through Order”
  5. “Hate Worldwide”
  6. “Public Display of Dismemberment”
  7. “Human Strain”
  8. “Americon”
  9. “Psychopathy Red”
  10. “Playing With Dolls”
  11. “Not of This God”

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  1. yeah , right . but is the album of the century!! already a total classic close to ‘hell awaits’ and ‘seasons in the abyss’ . hail SLAYER!!

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