Breaking Metal News: Kerri Lee from "That Metal Show" Found Dead

Updates: Kerri Leigh Tucker, a Cleveland native, was only 27 years old at the time of death. Funeral services are 2:00 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 12 in the chapel of Fike Funeral Home. Cause of death still unknown.

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There have been several rumors circulating the web today that Kerri Lee (Kerri Leigh Tucker), also known as Miss Box of Junk on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, was found dead in her apartment last night.

At this time there is not much information but several sites including Maximum Threshold and Lee’s page at have reported and referenced this unfortunate event.

Photojournalist Rob Klein, who has worked with Lee in the past, left the following comment on her profile:

“O.M.G. REST IN PEACE KERI LEE… I loved working with you and you were just about to LIVE YOUR DREAM… too soon, girl! We will all miss you!”

So far, there are no comments regarding this matter on the websites of Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson, the hosts of That Metal Show.

However Trunk’s page showed the following message several hours ago:

“Woke up in LA today to hear the horrible news that Kerri Lee, miss box of junk on TMS, has passed away. More news when I get it.”

Kerri Lee Tucker won the honor of “Box of Junk Girl” and made her debut on the first episode of season two.

Our thoughts, wishes, and prayers are with Lee’s family in this very difficult time.


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  1. I loved Kerri Lee I thought she was so nice and good for the show. May she rest in peice and my prayers go out to her family and to Eddie Trunk, Jim and Don.

  2. She was very beautiful! And always fun to see on That Metal Show. In dee she was a very beautiful woman and “Ms Box of Junk” As it is said in the Slaughter song Keri Fly to The Angels!

  3. Just watched the new show of season 4 only to find the beautiful(Miss Box of junk)Kerri Lee had passed.I was totaly floored by this,not only that I hadnt heard about it till now,but that the guys said nothin,till the new one came out.n didnt even say nothin then accept here’s the new miss box of junk?I’m pissed that it wasnt covered like I think it shoulda been,maybe theres something I dont know.obviously.but I thought she was great,n will truely miss her bein a part of the show.seems like everytime something great in Metal happens like that Metal show.Eddie,Don,Jim,n Kerri.somethin has to come n take a great piece of it away.R.I.P Kerri.u will be missed very much!

  4. keri was to sweet and cared to much about herself to trash her body with drugs to have od,ed she will be greatly missed rest in piece keri my prayers are with you see you in the afterlife uours with great affection jeff

  5. The way the network handled her death was pretty shitty. Oh well..she died..let’s find a replacement! Gorgeous and she seemed sweet. To this day, I don’t know why she died. RIP Keri…I wish I would of known u.

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